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Supernatural Season 1 and Season 2 Story Plots

..Saving people, hunting things. Family Business..

Supernatural Season 1 and season 2 plots? I don’t even know what Plot is! LOL!Anyway, 1:30am, I just finished Supernatural’s last episode of Season 2! Nice season ender! Walang pambitin, pero nice pa rin! Later check ko kung kelan ang premier ng season 3. I think anyone who watched the show knows or have an idea what season 3 will be – hunting demons still!Season one is about finding their father after he didn’t come during a hunt. Season one is also about hunting for the demon who killed their mother and the same time killing every evil and demons along the way.Season two continues what season one has left hanging – all of them squashed by a huge truck (I’m sure there are tons of truck accessories included too)! It was still about finding the demon that killed their mother and Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica. And of course, after Dean’s recovery, it is still hunting demons and kicking their asses!

Supernatural is like the modern day contemporary Ghost Busters! Very cool! Sam and Dean are the best brothers!

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