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I Lost $130

Last (last) night, when I checked my gmail account, I surprised to see that I have several emails (26 to be exact) about my posts being rejected because of the date not the same at the advertisers’ post.

Though it was all rejection email, I was glad!

I was very much grateful to the people behind Payperpost (Hi Jill!), for considering me again to be part of the happy PPP family!

I spent many hours last night to resubmit all 26 posts. Only managed 24, sayang yung 2 post.

But now, tonight, even if I have the best radar detector, I didn’t expect this coming! I got another 20-something emails saying PPP can’t pay me for Time-Shifting my posts. Looking at the bright side, at least I still have my account active.

I still lost at least $130! That’s the whole July PPP in the waste basket for me. :(

7 Responses to “I Lost $130”

  1. MeL says:

    Ay ganun.. hmm. Di po ako masyadong nakakapag-PPP ngayon eh.

  2. tina says:

    awww.. thats ok.. there will be other opps next time.

  3. Elizar says:

    @tina,Mel… thanks sa comment ladies..

  4. sasha says:

    Maarte sila yun lang masasabi ko hehehe… Pero mabuti nga at maarte sila kundi di ko mapapansin ang Sponsored Reviews, PayU2Blog and Blogsvertise. Siguro lagi na lang ako nag-aabang ng malaking opps at panay refresh. Thank God I’m through with that. Ngaun kung makakuha ng magandang opps bet 10-11am, thank you. Kung wala, okay lang :)

    I’m earning more than enough sa 3 programs na yan. Altho kung may lalabas na $700 opp ulit syempre makikiabang ako hehehe

  5. Raquel says:

    Nag PPP ka na rin pala Eli. Don’t worry kikita ka pa rin, alisto ka lang sa mga ads.

    I will try to be here everyday to add you more traffic rank.

  6. Elizar says:

    @sasha… ok nga sana yung pu2blog eh kaya lang madalang na ulit sakin.. :( then sa sponsoredreviews, declined ako.. :) try ko ulit.. :)

  7. Elizar says:

    @Raqs, salamat salamat.. after 2 months try ko ulit sa PPP.. thanx kung bibisita ka ulit lagi.. ;)

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