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My 6 Hour Commute

I wrote about my daily adventure commuting home a few months back. There are good days some bad days whenever I use the public transport. I stumble upon a blogger’s tip for much ore enjoyable commute and I thought why not share mine? I spent 5 to 6 hours of commute everyday, might as well share to you guys what I do during those times.

The ‘Itenerary’

Here’s the ‘itinerary’.

  • A few minute walk from our house to the jeepney stop.
  • A jeepney ride to the bus station.
  • Bus ride from Sta. Maria to MRT North Avenue station.
  • A train ride from North Avenue to Ayala Avenue Station.
  • Few minutes walk to the jeepney station
  • Finally, a jeepney ride to Paseo De Roxas/Philamlife Bldg.

Repeat that the other way and you got the 5 to 6 hours travel, depending on the traffic. That is the route every single day, rainy days, sunny days, windy days, any other day you can think of.
Here’s what I usually do during those time.

I Leave Early.

The commute starts at home. If I can and time permits, I alway leave early from home. This can be hard specially when you’re having wonderful dream with Elisha Cuthbert or Megan Fox. Or, if the day before, that is work, was hard and stressful.

I leave early because I don’t want to rush myself and add to the stress of work. Also, I always consider the traffic caused by some freak accident or flood or some major catastrophe. Plan your commute, and be ready for traffic and other occurences that might put you behind schedule. And when you’re stuck in it, try not to get stressed by it.

I believe this is what Mel, my other UNIX office mate is doing. He is never late. Always one hour before his shift. I wish I can say the same with Rachel too, LOL!

I Write Possible Blog Post

In 5 or 6 hours? I can definitely write a few draft post. Like what I’m doing write now. Even before PinoyBlogero’s Notebook tip I do this jotting down notes and ideas that come flashing to my head at the middle of NLEX. Good old, antique, trusty XDA II Pocket PC. :-)

I Listen to music.

IPod is my best friend these past few months, started February to be exact, when I bought it (wish I could win Ipod Shuffle)I always bring it along with me every time I need to travel. Superb way to kill time. By listening to music you are less apt to think about work, and the time seems to go by much faster. This makes my commute much more bearable.

I Read Stephen King, or others.

I always carry along with me a paperback or two in my bag (yeah, I always have a bag filled with girly stuff, LOL). If I’m in the mood (or having a smooth ride), I also read a few pages of Stephen King book (it could be a second book, but still readable) or any book that I brought along with me. I could finish a book in a few weeks when I do the commute-reading thing.

I don’t recommend this to everyone though. Instead of arriving fresh and stress free for work, you might end up super dizzy and in the verge of vomiting. Let the pros (ehem) to the reading while commuting.

At finally….
My main goal here is to make commuting as enjoyable and as stress free as possible. I don’t want to be all tired and grumpy when I arrive at work right? Start pa lng ng trabaho eh.

Boarding house or bed spacer somewhere here in Manila is not an option. I want to spend every possible time with my Matthew and Lois.

8 Responses to “My 6 Hour Commute”

  1. Honney says:

    Hi, Eli! Wawa ka naman ang layo ng byahe mo. Pareho tayo. Mas malayo ka nga lang talaga. It’s a good ting that you leave early coz rushing yourself to go to work can be really stressful.

  2. Jhed says:

    Natutulog ako kapag nagcocommute ako. Or.. naghahanap ako ng cute na pasahero, and fantasize things I wasn’t suppose to fantasize. LOL!

  3. betty says:

    When we were still in Manila the daily 6 hour commute was just ordinary to me but now that I am here in Singapore I cannot imagine how I was able to survive the daily commute in manila.

    This is one thing that I truly salute Pinoys like u for…ang tyaga ninyo.

  4. Elizar says:

    @Honney, ang layo no? Buti ikaw sa QC ka lang bbyahe.. :)

  5. Elizar says:

    @jhed, oo nga.. natutulog din ako talaga, di ko lang na mention.. Cute na pasahero? Syempre!! pati sexy diba? hehehe

  6. Elizar says:

    @Betty, thanks sa salute ms. Betty… :) Youd did it once, so, I salute you too! ;)

  7. alma says:

    wow… 6 hours of wasted time. you could have spent that doing something you really love. but then, ganyan talaga ang buhay. may sakripisyo.

    i lived in Cavite and work in Makati a few years back. travel time ko is almost five hours din kung di ako nakakasabay sa isang friend na may car. hirap din.

    panalangin ko sana manalo ka ng jackpot sa lotto para mapalaki mo business mo at di ka na magko-commute ng ganun kalayo araw-araw. pero teka, bumibili ka ba naman lotto tickets? :)

  8. joy says:

    whoa, for real? bakit di na lang kayo lumipat ng house lol. sabagay, dami mo kasi biz sa bahay. buti nagkikita pa kayo nina lois/mat

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