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Favorite Applications Anywhere – PortableApps

Hi there Open Source advocates! Here’s another leap forward for all of us who uses Linux and other open source applications on a Windows dominated desktop PCs.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about PortableApps Suiteâ„¢. It is a collection of portable applications including a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, an IM client,an integrated menu, and many more, all preconfigured for you to work on any Windows-powered computer.

With PortableApps we can:
1. Use our favorite open source software on any Windows PCs
2. Show windows-users the beauty and power or open source software (maybe even, make them switch )

Use our favorite open source software on any Windows PCs

If you’re into open source and are fluent or at home with it, sad fact is, not everyone is using it. So, whether it’s a computer at work (with pre-installed office/productivity apps) or a friend’s PC or even those computer in an internet café, your favorite browser, email client or RSS/news reader, may not be installed. It is nice to have all your applications with you.

Make Windows-users Use and Appreciate Open Source softwares

We assume that you want all your friends using windows to try and use Linux or at least the applications that come along with it.

Most Windows users, if not all will require lots of convincing before they even think about trying open source. And on top of that, you’d better not mess up their computers while you’re doing the convincing. With potableapp, you don’t have to convince them to switch OS (not yest at least) just the softwares.

How doest I work?

All you need is any of the following: a thumb drive, an SD/MMC/Flash memory disk (assuming you bring along the card reader of course), a USB drive, an external hard disk or even an iPod used as external storage.

Then download PortableApp from their official website. Install and you’re done. Just drop it on your portable device and you’re ready to go. Simply click the app and the menu will appear. Good thing about this is that once the application has launched it will sit back quietly in the system tray. Once you need another application, simply click on the icon and launch it.

Better to ease them into open source, and when they’re comfortable with all the great open source software out there, bring up actually moving all the way to Linux. Get ’em hooked on Firefox and Thunderbird first, and it’s far more likely that Ubuntu can follow.

Aside from the default software that comes with the initial installation of PortableApps, there are lots more application available from their website. Like Xammp, Gimp, Filezilla, FireFTp, MPlayer and tons more!

Remeber the best thing… You can bring them everywhere! That is what PortableApps is for! A little taste of Free-dom.

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