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Pinoy Banda July 2007 Statistics

This will be the first of monthly stats post for Pinoybanda or even here at Everything-Eli. Why do it? Well, this is one of finding out what’s happening with the blogs’ traffic. And also I just found out that my old logs from Everything-eli is gone! (not sure if I deleted it or my webhosting has something to do with it but…) So, this is kind of way of saving summary info of their stats. Plus, nainggit kasi ako sa Thoughts in Binary. Even ask him how’d do his SEO thing.

So, anyway, here’s what happened last July.

Coverage is from July 1 to 31 2007.

The site had 6,253 unique visitors with 29,356 page views using up 739MB of bandwidth.

Please blog pros… no laughing here. I know that’s not the best, I’m new with this. I just post and post and let Google finds em. But if you really want to do some charity works, please a tip or two will do very nicely.

Let’s do this again next month! ;)

2 Responses to “Pinoy Banda July 2007 Statistics”

  1. hussein says:

    mabuhay pinoybanda! HAHA

  2. Elizar says:

    right you are Hussein!

    Keep the news coming!


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