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URL Icon

Here’s one quick tip for those who don’t know yet – Add an ICON to you blog’s URL. That’s the little picture beside the URL when you browse you blog.

Does this looks boring to you?

See that? Just plain old paper before my very beautiful (everything-eli.com) domain. :-)Would it be more exciting (well, probably much nicer) to have your face on your URL? Like this guy over here?

Here’s how to do it!………..To add an icon to your URL:1. You need an icon.You can try and search your PC for an icon. These type of files ends in ICO. Example filename.icoIf you can’t find one (or too lazy to search for one :)) You can create you own Icon, just go to https://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/ and upload your favorite picture to create an icon.
2. Upload the icon to your directory on line the same location of the index.html

3. Rename the icon on line to favicon.ico

4. Add both lines below to the head of your index.html page

<link href=”favicon.ico” rel=”icon” type=”image/ico” />
<link href=”favicon.ico” rel=”SHORTCUT ICON” />

And you’re done!

Thanks to Allen for pointing out that the last two line of code is not there.. :)

3 Responses to “URL Icon”

  1. Allen says:

    I have a feeling that your instruction # 4 is incomplete. You said, add both lines….

    what do I add? :D

  2. Elizar says:

    Right! :D so sorry for that.. Typed in the code.. and apparently wordpress interpret it as code.. should have put a quote or something…

  3. honney says:

    wow. this is so cool, eli! thanks for sharing!

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