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GPRS Configuration for Pocket PC

I love my XDA II very much. I love it so much, I have no plans of buying a new PDA/Phone in the near future (dahil wala akong pambili). :-)

Bought this phone from Vic Del Rosario (nope, not the big boss of Viva, but a big boss in GMA 7) 2 or 3 years ago. My first fascination with Microsoft powered phone goes back to my NEC Components day, when people from Smart Philippines offered us a promotional plan with a free SmartPhone (tanager) for Plan 500. Since then, 6 years later, I still carry the plan and have replace the unit 3 times.

What I love about my smartphone these kinds of phone is the availability of tons of free applications! I remember the old days, I use to install every cool apps I could find from Airfagev! I customized it to my hearts content! I unlocked it, changed the ROM, reinstalled it, changed the ROM… :-)

When I got my XDA II, the first thing I did was install my favorite apps – messenger, notepad, browsers, Kama Sutra, and others. Ang lakas ng loob ko, hehehe, nandyan naman kasi ang Airfagev.

Anyway, back to topic. :) The latest trouble I had with my phone is that it has no configuration for GPRS on QTEK ROM. Yes, I flashed it again. Good thing people from airfagev helped me. They pointed me to:


And there it is indeed! A cab file that when installed, will automatically set up your phone with Smart (or Sun).

Thanks to the guy behing the UkayWares! :)

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  1. Roishalom says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kudus to your effort in putting together this tutorial on GPRS technology. The material has been a tremendous help to me.
    But, how can I have first-hand practical experience? I live in Nigeria where we have three GSM providers namely Globacom, MTN, Celtel and other PTOs.
    I have some question to ask you and they are as following;
    ü Is there any software requirement for the setup of GPRS?
    ü What are the configurations setting on both Laptops and Desktop?
    ü Which IP addresses and ISP am I going to connect through?
    ü How do I register my browsing software with a sever abroad?
    ü How do I switch from one server to another in case of congestion?
    ü Can I share GPRS Internet connection on one desktop with another desktop?
    With the above questions answered I believe it will furnish me with the practical knowledge of technology.
    Kind regards,

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