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Remove Scratches on Your CDs/DVDs

I have roughly 500 CDs/VCDs/DVDs. That’s not a lot but its still a collection. And every collection is (my) precioussss… So we try and keep our priced possession in good, tip-top shape.

And then, there are kids.

Clark Kent is my sister’s first born, my first nephew. He’s 11 years old now. A young adult. Circumcised. Siya ang unang nanira ng mga VCD collections ko. :-)

And now, its his sister’s turn – Kim Chinee. She’s a 3 year old, young lady. Mahilig din maglaro ng DVD naman.

And soon, my little Matthew will take her place (just like she took her kuya’s place in playing/scratching my CDs).

I never thought, there are techniques in restoring scratched CDs. Good news!

How? By using toothpaste or some metal polish! Some tried using a gum and a banana, but it’s not that good and it’s a little messy.

Here’s the video…

Hope that’s useful! Will try that on my CDs when I get home…

Now You might ask, are my CDs/VCDs/DVDs original? Secret…

2 Responses to “Remove Scratches on Your CDs/DVDs”

  1. Allen says:

    Oh nice post! I usually just throw aways cd/dvds that I can’t use anymore. Now I regret throwing them away because they can still be saved!

    My preciouses!! Come bacckk!

  2. Elizar says:

    same here! thrown mine too.. sayang.. if i’d only saw these vids then.. :)

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