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I Can Find You!

Global Positioning Service (GPS) is one of the greatest technology ever developed. Utilizing at least 24 satellites that transmit precise microwave signals, the system enables a GPS receiver to determine its location, speed and direction.

With this information, there are some company that work together with this government/privately owned satellite to offer their services to ordinary citizens.

One such company is Rocky Mountain Tracking Inc (RMT). Their main business is to provide high quality GPS Tracking Systems to consumers all over the country (United States). The ‘consumer’ mentioned here pertains to both personal use and for business use.
They have different gps tracking system or products that are ideal for personal or business use.
Here are some of the possible usage of the service:

  • Find out where your teens are
  • Track you business’s delivery/cargo
  • For Government use, for government vehicles.

With their service, anyone can use the technology of GPS.

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