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On Being A Mama’s Boy

The misunderstanding really is not about me (apparently) delaying our moving to the apartment, it’s about small things blown out of proportions. The small thing (Matt has to go to the bathroom) to the big blast (not having the regular doctor’s checkup). Di ka maka relate no? Ok lang yun, this is for me. My story :-)

“Give it a week”

That’s what I said this afternoon while commuting for work (yep, night shift still). Aside from Sasha’s birthday today, it’s also our first night at the new apartment (well, first for Lois and Matthew at least. I’m at work, editing this post. Wrote it on a bus btw.. thanks to my good old XDA :-)

What’s in a week?

It’s enough time to convince myself that my mom will be alright. I can’t help thinking about it. She’s all alone there. Alone, meaning all by herself. One, Uno, single (no, sorry married.. but you know what i mean).. My other two brothers only go home during the weekends. And Nelson will be leaving for New York again on the 7th, so it’s only Dennis who will be home during weekends.

Mama’s Boy

Everybody’s misinterpreting one’s overwhelming affection for mothers. If a child (or a grown man… doesn’t matter which) shows love to a mother (or alalahanin), he is being tagged as a Mama’s boy.

Though there is nothing in hell’s wrong with that, I’m not one.

And I think the more precise definition of being a mama’s boy, is the other way around. It’s not when a boy cares (publicly) too much for his mom, it when your mother do that to him..

bunsuy, pinapawisan b bunsuy ko.. Uminom ka na ba vitamins mo?… Pa kiss nga anak… Miss na miss na nga kita eh.. Kiss mama‘… etc etc etc

That’s in public (or at home), how humiliating lol..

Well, that’s not my nanay.. It is me who voluntarily do those things to her. Sweet talaga kasi ako, ü.. Now, I don’t think you call that a mama’s boy, does it? I think that’s someone loving his mother so much.

A wife is probably jealous with her husband’s mother… Now, why is that? That’s another story…


AskMen if you’re a mama’s boy… also in recent years, some have begun using the term in a milder sense, merely meaning a man who is emotionally attached to his mother -(wikipedia)

or if you carry her Zero Halliburton always, you could be one.. :D

2 Responses to “On Being A Mama’s Boy”

  1. sasha says:

    Actually ang mama’s boy, kapitbahay, is someone who heeds his mother’s advice no matter what. Yun bang kahit sabihin ng nanay na yang asawa mo dapat patalunin mo sa building OO naman ang sagot nung lalaki. Yun ang mama’s boy. Pero a guy who loves his mom so much and is not afraid to show it? That’s an ideal man. Hehe

  2. Elizar says:

    yep, tama ka kapitbahay, saw the definition sa askmen (link provided).. ganon nga pala… hmmm… ?

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