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Top Earners of Today

Hey look at that! It’s Matthew, with $12.50! :D

Since that 2 post per day thing.. :-)

3 Responses to “Top Earners of Today”

  1. MeL says:

    Congrats kay Matt! :)

  2. Honney says:

    wow, congrats. ang galing naman ni matt. pano ba yan? lol. my blog has already been approved by PPP. pero laging walang OPP for me. how do you get paid anyway? may paypal account ka?

  3. Elizar says:

    @Mel, thanks daw Mel.. hehehe

    @Hi Honney, they do pay tru paypal… wala ako paypal, pero nakikigamit ako sa paypal ng friend ko.. :)

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