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Blog Addicts Never Stop

Allen wrote something about idiom expression that he applied the meanings in blogging. Those idioms that also reveal the secrets of successful blogs.

Good stuff!

It made me think of the blog pros who went to those things that get them to where they are now. Those people who eat blog post for breakfast, lunch, miryenda and dinner. Those people who thinks more about what topics to post that Sex. (Good God! I still think of sex. I’m not that addicted to blogging.. lol

Here’s what I think are the applicable idioms for you guys:

Going Cold Turkey

It’s when you stop something you love/addicted to (in this case blogging) immediately all at once. Uncomfortable and painful. Oh yes. Once your a blogger, it’s hard to quit. If you do quit, your head will ache. Try botox for headaches. :)

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

This is based on Selplana’s post on portraying different characters on your blog. I’m not saying you’re a wolf here, what it means for now is that you can be a totally different person if you chose to when you blog. Take my poor attempt at being a Pinoy banda addict. Although I only knows 3 chords, I am trying to put all fans of local pinoy band in one place… mine. :-)

Finding One’s Feet

Many (pinoy) problogger out there are actually sharing their knowledge and giving away very informative and useful tips on bloggin to those noob like myself. Credits goes to Karlo of PinoyBlogero. He really is helping others new to this blog thing in finding their feet. (ayus ba? may example sentence pa?!)

I know there lots more to put here. That’s it for now, my mind is blank. Please do share your idioms here that is related to you professional bloggers out there! How about wolves in port authority clothing ? :)

2 Responses to “Blog Addicts Never Stop”

  1. malaya says:

    Maraming “wolves in sheep’s clothing” sa blogosphere, pero okey lang as long as they don’t attack their fellow bloggers hehehe.

  2. allinkorea says:

    hi…thanks for the visit. nakikipag usap lang yata si dabang agassi habang umiinom ng coffee yong umorder. syempre di ko parin alam kung lampas pa doon lalo na kung ang umorder ay nasa motel, hotel or sa bahay.

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