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Link Assignments Technique

I’ve you’ve been monetizing your blogs for some time now, I’m sure you’ve been doing some link assignments from Payu2blog, BlogToProfit and other related programs. If not, well I guess it’s just me then. :-)

More Background…

Anyway, BlogToProfit (BTP) usually send out 10 links to it’s members to be completed, preferably in a week. For each completed link, BTP will pay you Php200. So that’s Php1200 for all assignment plus a bonus of Php 300 if you completed within the week. If you could finish it, well that’s still P1200 for you.

PayU2Blog on the other hand offers you assignments on their website so you better sign in regularly to check. Unlike BlogToProfit, their number of link assignments varies from 3 to 30, depending on their advertisers. For each completed link assignment, you’ll be paid $5.

So what’s the technique?

This tip was shared by Marghil. He used it for BlogToProfit. He managed to finish 10 assignments in an hour! How did he do it?

First, you must know that BlogToProfit doesn’t pay you for a review. So don’t go doing an extensive review about doing a nose job or something. They simply want a link from your blog using the assigned URL and anchored text combination regardless of what you are talking about in your blog.

Just creatively insert the required to one of your (old) post instead of composing a new blog post about that subject.

The same goes with PayU2blog but I still need to verify. Looking around their site:

Do I have to endorse the product or service that I receive as an assignment?
Not necessarily – your job when completing assignments – is to relate to the assignment(s); by personal experience, personal knowledge, personal research, personal creativity etc.

The first time I logged in to PayU2Blog after my blog was approved, I have 16 assignments waiting for me!  By using Marghil’s tip there, I managed to finished it in half the time… or even faster… (forgot to time myself :-) , That’s $5 x 16 = $80 dollars in less than, say 3 hours.. Good stuff!

If you’re blog is not a member yet, to to  BlogToProfit’s site and register! Don’t forget to put jacaranda9dbux[at]gmail[dot]com as your referral email… for faster approval they say.. LOL!

3 Responses to “Link Assignments Technique”

  1. Pao says:

    eli, may question ako. lahat ba ng mga sites offering blog reviews for profit eh they will send you the payment thru paypal? juskudey, eh kakalipat ko lang sa bagong bansa wala naman akong credit card pa dito. you need to register a credit card in paypal di ba? so paano na kaming mga bloggers na walang credit card? waaah! :(

  2. Elizar says:

    Hi Pao! For receiving money, alam ko no need for a credit card.. kasi in my case, wala akong credit card… And actually, nakisuyo lang ako sa friend ko sa SG.. alam mo na, wala pang paypal sa pinas….

  3. malaya says:

    Tnx sa tips. Nangangapa pa rin ako e, lam mo na singit lang sa work ang blogging (Shhhh). Okey talaga ‘tong si Marhgil, hehehe. ‘di nauubusan ng tips, ano Eli?
    Sarap siguro kumita nang ganyan, kung may paypal na sa Pinas aheheh.

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