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My First RSS Experience

I’ve been browsing some RSS related posts on Karlo’s blog the other day… You see, I’ve been online since… I forgot, forever?… but I have never had any experience with RSS… I thought the only thing that I am inexperience at, is in monetizing blogs, I’m an RSS virgin too, apparently! :-)

So, after a few reads (super tambay ako dun), I created my account in feedburner and got myself one big cool RSS chicklet on my sidebar… Cool! :-)

Then more questions came poured in…

Well, it’s not really important questions. Trivial ones, like:

  • Will the subscriber visit my blog at all?
  • How can I know how many subscriber I have?; or
  • How can I get the button where you can see how many subscribers I have?; or,
  • Others….

Will the subscriber visit my blog if they have RSS?

Pinoyblogero agree with this and posted few tips on how to make your subscriber visit your blog. He pointed out that although this is true, RSS is still a great way of making a visitor a loyal reader.

And anyway, remember that the number of feed subscriber is one way of measuring if a blog is popular or not. It is also used, I think, by Alexa and Technorati Rank as their basis for your blogs ranking.

How can I know how many subscriber I have?

This was a dumb question. I felt sorry for myself I even asked this. I haven’t logged in to Feedburner yet that’s why I didn’t know. But once I did, that answered my question.

So in order for you to know how many subscriber I have, I just have to logged in. A little more search and I found out that there is a way to know without logging in. (Because I’m too lazy to log in everyday just to check if some poor soul actually subscribe to my feed. :-)

For the sake of fellow RSS virgins out there… All you have to do bookmark this URL on you browser:


That would give you the total number of subscribers you have.

How can I get the button where you can see how many subscribers I have?

The answer to this is the save as the previous one. You probably just have to embed the URL to your sidebar or something.

The first time I notice this was in Marghil’s blog. I thought it’s a WordPress plugin or something, well obviously I was wrong (again).I want to put one on my sidebar myself but when I did the tip on the URL, I have this error…
So much for a useful tip eh?Anyone know how to enable it? Thanks!

8 Responses to “My First RSS Experience”

  1. Hi Elizar! Thanks for the plug.

    Regarding your last question, you could get the feed count button from your feed burner account. You can find it under the “PUBLICIZE” tab.

    All you have to do is to copy a snippet of code and paste it on your blog. You’re all done.

    Happy Blogging!

  2. Elizar says:

    Ayus, thanks ulit karlo.. will that one out.

  3. Elizar says:

    yep, that’s the one! I activated it! 0 Readers! Great! :-)

  4. joy says:

    ako nga din, matry to :D

  5. Elizar says:

    wala ka rin ba RSS joi? hehehe, virgin din! hahahaa

  6. Honney says:

    I’m an RSS virgin too. Actually, I don’t even know how it works exactly. But let me guess, it helps increase the traffic in your blog? Well, if that’s the case, I might as well get a feedburner account.

  7. Honney says:

    OMG, you’ve got a lot of readers!

  8. Elizar says:

    @honney, sorry it doesn’t increase your traffic. Pero kung maraming kang subscriber, definitely marami kang traffic.

    RSS is one place where you can read all the blogs that your (interested) subscribe to… parang ganon.. :D

    and the graphic? di po sakin yun. hehehe zero ako.> :D

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