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Family Planning And Birth Control

On my other personal blog, I mentioned there that my son Matthew, will have a sibling by end of February next year or a possibility that they could have the same birth day! We’re ecstatic about the news! Funny thing is Matthew will only be turning 2 by then… So much for family planning. :-)

No regrets though. I married late (if 27 late enough for you)… I’ve thought about it, if I turn 50 my Matt will be in his early 20s. That good. And with another brother (or sister) followed so soon, we’re still in the same age bracket. Me 50, Matt 23, Jack 22.. :-)

The thing is, everyone’s preaching about family planning and Birth control guide. Everyone’s concerned about the children’s future and the parent’s (mother) health. And we are advocate of Family planning. It just so happen that… you know, we slipped. :-)

I remember the seminars Lois and I had to take before we got married (it’s a requirement you see). The church taught us of the natural Birth control guide while the Government has lots and lots of ways to do the same job. To mentioned a few, we were taught about IUD, Mirena, Birth control pills and others.

With all those birth control options, we did actually pick one. The one the church recommends, and presto! Another baby! :-)

But like I said, no regrets. I love kids! :-)

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