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Kontera Problem… Solved!

Though I am sure everyone in the blog world knows already about Kontera and what Kontera is, I’m still going to talk about it for the sake of new comers like me. I’m pretty exited of sharing this one out, so please if you don’t know it yet. Let’s talk about Kontera. Read on…

What is Kontera?

Kontera is a great form of contextual advertising. It’s another way of earning money online. It’s something like Google Adsense, we get paid by Pay Per Click.

What does a Kontera ad looks like?

It will look like a double underlined contextually relevant keyword on your site. A mouse-over opens a small bubble like box that displays and links to an ad from one of Kontera’s advertisers.

Once clicked by the visitor, that’s what we call earning money online. The visitor will then be taken to the advertiser’s website.

What’s the Problem?

Now that the background has been laid down, what’s the problem I’m talking about? The problem in my case is that Payperpost does not want to co-exists with Kontera or any other link based advertisement. That includes blogvertise, blogtoprofit, payu2blog and others. Which is ok, since we can dedicate a post for PPP only. But Kontera ads doesn’t care if the post is for PPP or B2P or Payu2blog. If the post has a relevant keyword, it will be high lighted and linked to an advertiser.

What’s the solution?

I am very glad I stumble to Ms. Lucia’s blog and found her Kontera Control plugin.  That little plugins solves the problem perfectly!

It’s has lots of options but very simple enough to understand. What does the plugin do? It can:

  • Keep Kontera ads out of new posts for the number of days you specify.
  • Keep Kontera ads out of one user specified category forever. – (this is the one I used for PPP posts)
  • Keep Kontera ads out of one user specified category for a specified number of days.

You can download the plugin and find all the features here. You can find instruction on how to set it up and use it here.  Like I said, installation was fast, smooth and easy. You may have to upgrade WP to the latest version though. That’s the only problem I encountered. But now, all is well!

Thanks very much for this plugin!

2 Responses to “Kontera Problem… Solved!”

  1. sasha says:

    Naku thanks for this, kapitbahay! Yan ang prob ko sa Kontera kasi. Kaya nga di ko malagay sa mga blogs ko. Salamat talaga sa mga mababait na taong gumagawa ng plugins na yan… in this case, Lucia.

    Thanks and will take a look at this one :)

  2. Elizar says:

    oo nga kapitbahay.. rejected post nga ako minsan ng dahil sa kontera eh.. pero thanks sa plugin na yan, ayus na! ;)

    Advance nga pala.. hehhehe..

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