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We’ll Go Hunting!

Matthew growing so big now and I can see that he’ll going to be one fine, fit, strong young man… Just like his dad.. :) That picture was taken when he was 4 month old. He’s 1 year and 4 months.

I’ve always wanted to have a son than a daughter. (Daughter is ok too, but hey, I want my drummer… :) There are activities and hobbies that the father and son duo can both enjoy! We could go fishing and hunting or do some road tripping and go somewhere where we can go camping and such.

All stuff macho eh? Aside from that I’m also planning to take him to some self-defense lesson so he can learn how handle martial arts equipment, probably throwing stars or pocket knives.

Of course he’ll need gears. And what better place to find those that with the help of Mr. Google. At Extremely-Sharp you’ll get those things – both for self defense lessons and for the fishing, camping and hunting trips. I’ve seen their website and they even have a monthly contest and newsletter. The prizes are the gadgets I mentioned above and many more! It changes every month. It could be pocket knives, swords, martial arts equipment and other items. This month they are giving away three sets of throwing knives.

This is pretty exciting! And adding to it is that Matthew will soon have a (hopefully) brother after 10 months! yieks! LOL!

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