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All System Administrators, Come Together!

I just got a new domain registered at Marvin’s Web. This is my 3rd for Marvin’s Web and 4th domain in all. My first ever domain was (now defunct) Razile.com way back 2002 (?). Razile’s my name spelled backward. Mamatay man ako, I did not get the idea from Airfagev.com (it’s Master Rey Vegafria’s site for Windows Mobile phones).

So anyway, the new domain which I’ve been planning to get a few years back, is Sysadmindayph.com. My plan is to put everything related to System Administration (as a hobby and profession) and probably ask my fellow SysAds and friends to join up.

I got this registered July 27, the last friday of July. An you know what that means right? Right!? No? Well, read it here…. :)

Right now, I just finished installing Joomla and I’m on my way in customizing it and familiarizing my self with it. The installation was so easy I didn’t even look at the official how-to guide. I just upload create the database needed and joomla did the job itself.

I could stick with Joomla if the features suits me well, but there are other open source Content Management software out there, including Drupal or Xoops or Geeklog and others

For now, let’s see what Joomla can do! ;-)

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