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Tempus Fugit

The first time I ever heard of the phrase Tempus Fugit was from the TV series about 3 sisters (all are witches) – Charmed. In that show also I learned that Tempus fugit is a Latin expression meaning ‘time flies’. (Now, who says you can’t learn from television nowadays?)

Today it’s frequently used as an inscription on clocks or artwork. I have no pictures with me but we do have a grandfather clock (we got it as a wedding gift, with me all dress up with cufflinks) that says, Tempus Fugit.

The expression was first used in the verse ‘Georgica’ written by Roman poet Virgil. Sed fugit interea, fugit irreparabile tempus, which roughly translates, Meanwhile the irreplaceable time flies.

Time really do flies if you really think about it. I do think at about it most of the times. From an uhuging boy to a father to Matt (and 7 months from now, father of two), when you think about it, parang kailang lang.

I miss my childhood days. But we can only look back and learn from the past. Keep all the good values and pass it over to your child. One day, they’ll be parents too… Remember, Tempus Fugit! :-)

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