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Onelook defines Premonition as a noun, ‘an early warning about a future event’.

And Wikipedia says:

The word premonition refers to a situation when future events are foreknown or forecast. Premonitions are attributed by some people to the presence of supernatural or paranormal abilities.

I just saw Sandra Bullock’s latest movie, Premonition. (Come on, night shift eh.. mas ok na mag movie, than to sleep. At least this way, may monitoring parin versus asleep, ayt? Anyway, I make sure na isa lang per night… :-)

The movie’s story spans  a week. Nakakalito lang, pero ma-gets mo rin pag napanood mo. The movie starts with Linda (played by Sandra) preparing her two girls for school then receives news that her husband dies on a car accident. She was devastated. The (next day?) he woke up and found out that his husband, Jim is still alive. The next day, Jim is dead again and they’re going into his funeral. She later found out what was happening. She was going back and forth of time (or something like that)….

Like her movie before this one, The Lake House, ok din ang story. May pagka suspense and thriller. Both movie has time travel flavor… I’m sure Joy will also like the movie. :-)  Me, personally loves these kind of movies.

2 Responses to “Premonition”

  1. francesca says:

    Ako takoot ako if gabi yan panoorin ko. Kelangan may kasama ako, hehe.

    Mag isa lang ako sa Boss villa ko, 9-1am, feeling ko, may maligno, wala ako pinanonood kundi CNN.

    But i try to see, if may ma rent akong film, bulloks pa, i saw her Speed 1 and 2 film,
    okey siya. Also sa Miss Congeniality ba yun and The Net.

    Sunod, watch mo freddie kruger, fri the 13th!
    Gising ka talaga non! joke lang!

  2. joy says:

    hey eli! thanks, mukhang exciting nga. twilight zone ang dating :) mahanap nga ‘to :D

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