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Happy 8th System Administrator Appreciation Day!

It’s officially July 27, 2007 here in the Philippines! I’m writing this around 12:41am. I just finished registering a new domain name!

Anyway, I just want to greet my fellow SysAdmin all over the world … Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day! This day is being celebrated every last friday of July!
You might be asking, “What?!” (or an extreme case, Wadafah is a “System Administration Appreciation Day?” or even “What the heck is a System Administrator?!”)

Well, let me tell you…

System Administrators are the ones responsible for you getting your work done day and day out. He makes sure that the application you use are acting the way they’re suppose to be. Actually they are the ones who put it in you’re PC. He’s the one who makes the network working. He’s the one who installs, configures, manages and monitor your email and internet (geez, that mean your web activity – blogs and all :-). He’s the one who builds server he’s the one who cares for you users… Like the title tells, he administers systems.

From the official sysadminday website:

Now, most people read “system” to mean an individual computer, and think that all a sysadmin does is clean viruses off your computer and replace your monitor. That’s not wrong — but it is only one page of the whole story.

A real computing system is larger. Very few computers work just on their own anymore; when you use the web, play a game online, share files with a friend, or send email, you’re using a complex and intricate collection of computers, networks and software that come together to do the job you’re asking.

A sysadmin manages these systems — they figure out how to bring storage from one server, processing from another, backups from a third and networking from a fourth computer all together, working seamlessly. For you.

etc. etc. etc.

The idea for System Administrator Day was inspired by a print ad for a Hewlett-Packard laser jet printer. The ad showed lines of employees bringing gifts for the IT guy who made the purchase.

“Where’s my gift?” thought Kekatos. Later that night, the computer guru decided he and his colleagues deserved a special day, too.

Kekatos recalls being met with laughter when he first mentioned his idea.

“When I first came up with the idea of a System Administrator Appreciation Day, everyone laughed. But, soon after the website received 500,000 visitors. Who is laughing now?” he said. “Today, there are hundreds of others who are promoting the holiday. The holiday is listed on hundreds of blogs, and posted on hundreds of websites.”

And a few minutes ago, I just registered a domain that will be affiliated with them.. Sysadminday in PH chapter! :-)

Anyway, here’s are some of our company’s UNIX SysAdmin posing from Sydney’s Olympic Park!

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  1. Cai says:

    weee… Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day to all PH SysAdmin! :) And I am including myself.. hihi.. :)

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