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It’s Been A Long Day… — Matchbox 20

It’s 12:00am July 25, 2007. I’m tired and sleepy. But I think I’ll manage a few more minutes writing these things down. I just got home from the office. Left there around 9:30pm and got here 12am. Now how is that for daily trip at the office?

I really didn’t have work today. Rest day. The mother ship is still orienting us of the stuffs we need to know before we officially become one of them. This afternoon’s topic was Accen.. hmm… mother ship’s history and their career ladder.

The rest is at my personal blog at A Day in A Life.. Please friends, update my link… or better yet, add that one… :-)

Thanks!…A day In a Life…

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  1. Honney says:

    heya, eli! musta na po? may new blog ka na naman? lol. sige link ko yan later. god bless!

  2. Elizar says:

    Thanks honey! :) super late reply no? hehehe

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