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2 Post At A Time

Yesterday, when I arrived at the office, I immediately check PPP to see if there are any available post for me. After successfully logging in there was this announcement from PPP management that every postie will only have 2 post per pay.

Apparently the registered posties are reaching the 40,000 mark! This is to give everyone more chance to grab an opps. This is a great move for PayPerPost since lately, I was not able to get any from them. I think having that restriction will allow us, small time posties to get at least $10 a day, $70 a week minimum… Ayus lang yun, it’s better than nothing ayt?

2 Responses to “2 Post At A Time”

  1. joy says:

    mabuti naman lol.

  2. Reyn says:

    agree. that’s better than getting nothing ;)

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