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Inner Child Computer System

Our small cafe – Inner child Computer system – has been operation for almost 6 months now. The revenue graph looks like a very fine half sine wave even when all the expenses are computed. Like I said a couple of times before, I must find a way to boost sales(?) of service. Gimmicks and promos are way to go plus new services… maybe photo printing or desktop publishing?

Most of the expenses are for the utilities and personnel. There are few hardware failures (mostly mouse and keyboards) but there are lots of cheap spare that can be bought on CDR-king or online (tipidpc and the likes)

In the US, Census PC, is an equivalent, not only selling cheap CPU and other computer peripherals – motherboards, monitors, media card readers, and a variety of other CPU products and accessories – but also video games like Guitar hero II bundle .

Back to the old drawing board for the gimmicks…

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