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New Layout on A Day In A Life

Ohla! :-) I just changed my layout (again) in A Day In A Life! This time, I’ll stick with it for a long time. Thanks to Mr. Bob! Thanks Mr. Bob for the theme! .. Also for June (my Photoshop master officemate) for adding our face in the corner photo up there!… See it? Good! Good looking eh? That’s Lois, Me and Matthew!

Pa-add naman ng link na yun sa blogroll nyo sa friends. Salamat!

I’ve been customizing this blog and doing PPP that I am forgetting to update PinoyBanda. I better try out Mr. Laplana’s blog management tips. It’s hard to update blogs if you have 5 or more of it.

Alright. Time for the meds.. I have this Postotic drops for the ear and Postan for the pain. Mr. Palad taking Postan for the Pain and Postotic for the ear and taking PPP. Hey, all P’s. Naisip ko pa yun?! LOL!

May bagong gimik nga pala ako sa InnerChild (yung maliit na computer shop business) Ano yun? Guess guess… sasabihin ko rin.. :-)

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  1. francesca says:

    Bagay eli ang a day in a life.
    Ba, feeling nostalgic ka nyan, pag binata na si mat.
    Hilig mo ba pusa? pls check in my blog.
    Meet cheeky there, haha

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