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Different Kinds of Metal Detector

I’m sure everyone knows (at least here in the Philippines) that every security personnel on malls, banks and other establishments use metal detectors. They also use it in schools, nightclubs and most importantly in prisons and airports.The most common are the hand held metal detector althought there bigger model. Like the one where you walk through it.

Do you ever wonder who manufacture those neat gadgets? Rapiscan Systems is one of them. They designs, manufactures and delivers walk-through and hand-held metal detectors. Aside from those devices they also have security systems designed for cargo and vehicle inspection – the one seen in mall and airports where the security person puts something underneath your vehicle.

They also have detectors for baggage and parcel inspection, and hold baggage screening using X-ray, Gamma-ray and Neutron based technology for airport security, border security, checkpoint screening, seaport container screening and custom security applications. So, that almost covers everything. Rapiscan Systems has all kinds of detectors for security purposes.

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