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Absent From Work

Couldn’t take it any longer. I left the office last night aroung 7:15pm and my ear hurts so bad my face flinch evertime there’s a bolt of pain, throbbing pain. I even have a slight fever… Probably because of the infection or something.
Twas all day. Sinabayang pa ng trouble sa ADMS. Couldn’t concentrate on work yesterday because of it, so yesterday I decided to see may ear doctor (whom I haven’t seen in some 3 or 4 years) today.

I ask a fellow UNIX person to cover for me today while I go and see my doctor.

We’re actually on our way now… Just checking if there’s any PPP opps available.. LOL!

Hey, anyway, as you can see, most of the post here are sponsored… For a much much more personal blog,  you can check out A Day In A Life… Eli’s life one day at a time… *wink*

4 Responses to “Absent From Work”

  1. nice says:

    hello! dadalaw din ako sa personal blog mo ah. see you there!

  2. pam says:

    oo nga pala. hala. hehe. nalimutan ko na. :D ili-link ko yung isa, tapos dun na ako madalas bibisita. ;)

  3. malaya says:

    lakas talaga ng hatak ng PPP, hehehe.
    matanong ko lang, di po ba paypal ang payment dyan?

  4. Elizar says:

    hi karen! oo paypal.. gagawa lang ng paraan! ;)

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