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Eblah Customization Tip

This is a note to myself. I’ve done this before in my very first domain/forum in https://www.razile.com (now defunct). I’m going to put it here under IT category for me to remember once and for all. Tagal tagal ko rin hinanap kung saan, bagong version na kasi ng Eblah.

Anyway, Eblah is an open-sourced message board written in Perl written by Justin Osborne. It boast that it only requires very low system requirements (I agree btw) making it a fast and flexible forum system.

This forum was my first choice then (way back 2004) because of its ease of installation and customization (For installation of this forum, instruction are included in the tar ball…). That was also the time of my first Google Adsense account. Since then, there have been several version already released. Was not able to get myself updated since my razile.com domain expired.

Anyway, this Eblah forum is now being installed in Pinoy Banda. Fixed yung column with ng blog, but the forum are fluid that occupies the whole screen. I want it to be the same size of the main blog for consistency.

Here’s what I did… or will do.

Remember the objective here is to make the forum’s column size the same as the main blog…

During Eblah installation, files are to be uploaded in several location on the server with the correct file permission.

Some files are uploaded in /home/elizar/public_html/cgi-bin/forum and the other to /home/elizar/public_html/blahdocs (of course the path may vary – $HOME/public_html/cgi-bin/forum, $HOME/public_html/blahdocs)

Simple edit the file BlahIndex.pl from $HOME/cgi-bin/forum/Code/. If you’ll look at the forum index, it is apparently consists of divisions of rectangles. Each of these rectangles has a corresponding ‘table’ html tag.

Example in:

simple change the ‘width’ value from 100% to the size of your main blog and that’s it.

Do this on the rest of the table tag and you’re good to go. Ok, nuf said for now. I’ll try it… will update this post.

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