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Website Design and Development plus SEO

It has always been my frustration to design and build my own website from top to bottom. I first started out coding using notepad which painstakingly hard to do! Then I started using other WYSWYG authoring third party software application. Both the free ones from open source groups and the commercial ones offering free trials.

Though I did enjoy the learning process, I could never do this professionally or do it for a living. Thanks to WordPress, I don’t have to do the design myself. The problem is, since I know little PHP progmming, customizing layout that I want is a problem. For those who wants professional looking website could try and check out some New York web design company like Forescene.

Like I said, they do great website and believes that looks could kill on any website, so design is very important to them. Aside from design, they have other Web Design Services like search engine optimization, E-Commerce, PPC Advertising, hosting and other.

So for all your website services and design needs, go check out Forescene.

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