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The Odd Number Three (3)

I was tagged by my favorite ninja, Thet. I’m supposed to give out 3 very condifindential information about myself… If you read this, I have to kill you. hehehehe…

Three things that scare me:

1. Losing my parents (yes master thet, me too.)

2. Heights… Well, not exactly, falling from a high place is more like it.

3. Dying

Three people who make me laugh

1. My boy, Matthew!

2. Those guys (and gals) in F R I E N D S

3. Balki Bartokomous

Three things I love

1. Books (King, Self helps, etc) Music, Movies… oopss.. 3 na ba yun?

2. Them Beatlezz

3. 24 – Let’s retain this one from The Ninja herself… (ayyy! ang galing ni Bauer! mwah!)

Three things I hate

1. Corruption!! (Tax ko!!! waaahh!)

2. Sad feeling.. Gusto happy, more energy.

3. Mornings without coffee, or coffee na naubusan ng sugar or not having a jura capresso machine.

Three things I don’t understand

1. Kung open ang 7-11 ng 24 hours, bakit may pinto pa?

2. Why men are born to be polygamous – another retention…. :)

3. What went through Mark David Chapman’s head on December 8, 1980

Three things on my desk

1. HEROES tumbler na pasalubong ni Nelson from (I love) New York!!!

2. My antique XDA II.. haaay.. mapalitan pa sana…

3. A headset

Three things I am doing right now

1. Answering this tag

2. Waiting for a high paying Opp on PPP.

3. Customizing my new layout.. and this one.

Three things I want to do before I die

1. Walk the famous walk… Abbey Road, that is.

2. Travel Europe

3. Perform in a rock band in front of hundred thousand of screaming girls wanting to tear me apart! Yeah baby!

Three things I can do

1. Play every Beatles song on a guitar.

2. Listen to Itchyworm’s Noon Time Show CD all day

3. Read 3 to 5 different books at the same time.

Three things I can’t do

1. Talk to hot, gorgeous chic to ask the time.

2. Start my day without a cup of coffee.

3. Stop thinking, ‘What if’s….’ lots of things….

Three things I think you should listen to

1. Your conscience… kung wala ka, nakup.. problema yan.

2. Your parents

3. Beatles?

Three things you should never listen to

1. Those preacher on the streets an on the bus who says they’re doing it for the glory of God but in fact it’s really for the small change inside you pocket… beep beep…

2. Who promise you the moon, who promise to give you anything you want… everyone always steps their best foot forward… beep beep beep…

3. Devil.. Temptation.. Your dark side.. isa lang yang mga yan…

Three things I would like to learn

1. Effective SEO

2. Play bass or guitar on my right hand.. a-la Paul McCartney/Chino

3. Perl, or something similar. :-)

Three favorite food

1. With tomato sauce, including sardinas

2. Balatong

3. Nilaga. The one with kamote and upo.

Three shows I watched as a kid (ay ang dami kaya….)

1. McGyver

2. Perfect Strangers

3. Bioman muna then Shaider diba? It’s your turn Rachel, Lorreyn and Karmi! Go OC! :)

4 Responses to “The Odd Number Three (3)”

  1. sasha says:

    Dami ko naman nalaman sayo, kapitbahay. 3-5 books ka rin? Hahahah… Yung iba di maintindihan paano yan ginagawa eh. Ako I have an ebook reader kaya andun yung iba, yung iba naman paperback.

    Naka-experience ka na rin nung nagpi-preach sa bus or MRT about the salvation chuva? Hahahaha… Nakakatawa yan eh. As in parang live comedy. Hahahah…

    Anyway, cge maglilibot pa ako sa iba. Mas gusto ko itong theme na ito kaysa dun sa red mo. Kapag matagalang basa nag-iiba paningin ko hahahah

  2. Elizar says:

    ako naman, 1 book sa bag while commuting, one sa CR, one sa bed side and few more sa ebook reader.. hehehe.. kaya lahat puro start.. :-)

    Advance happy bday! ;)

  3. thet says:

    “Talk to hot, gorgeous chic to ask the time.”

    LOL LOL LOL Torpe ka pala?!!!! Honga noh, friendster mo pala Beatles din ang skin :)

  4. malaya says:

    ay, don’t kill me hindi ko po ito binasa…

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