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July 16 in History

camera shynesss Once upon a time, I used to spam everyone I know, everyone in my Yahoo address book with information about anything. From ‘Today in History’ to ‘Japanese Lesson of the Day’.

I not only kept in touch with my friends then, but shared them some (worthless ) information. I hope they learned something. I know I picked up a trivia or two.

Here’s another ‘Today in History’ trivia… Did you know that in:

  • 1951 – J. D. Salinger’s novel Catcher in the Rye was published. (This was the book David Mark Chapman was reading when he murdered John Lennon in December of 1980)
  • 1969 – Apollo 11 took off on the first manned flight to the moon.
  • 1979 – Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq.
  • 1990 – One of the strongest earthquake hits Luzon

Yep, today’s my birthday! What happened? None…

What celebration did we do? Nothing. Aside from yesterday’s swimming, nothing. I just stayed home and surf the net.

I did manage to create the more personal blog a while ago, brought the linoleum on the (amateur) band rehearsal studio we put up, brought some more Bush furniture to the apartment (I wish) (btw, July 26 is the scheduled lipatan. :-)
I’m sure it’s just me, but birthdays has no appeal on me anymore. It’s just the day where I grew another year older. But during this day, I do look back and think about what happened to my life for the past year and in my life so far.

On track. No regrets.

(nice layout eh? Took out the Red one.

5 Responses to “July 16 in History”

  1. alma says:

    i like this new lay-out. very easy on the eyes.

    belated happy birthday!

  2. sasha says:

    Alam mo kapitbahay, I wonder why Catcher in the Rye gets associated with crimes. I read that book 20 times na yata and it makes me laugh! Teka, baka iba interpretation ko. Hahahah

    Anyway, 1978 ka rin pala. Mas matanda ka sa akin Kuya Eleazar hahahah… August 3, 1978 ako pinanganak. Thursday nun at umuulan pa. Hehehe… I will never forget July 16 kasi ito nga yung super lakas na earthquake. Thank God we all studied in a Catholic School and feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel ang July 16 kaya wala kami lahat pasok nun.

    Happy birthday uli :) Ako naman I’m looking forward to my birthdays. Parang bata! Hahahah… Nagtatampo pa ako sa friends ko kapag hindi ako na-greet on the exact day. Lalo na kapag bestfriends ko di nakabati sa akin. And I am looking forward to my 30th birthday next year. Magse-celebrate talaga ako! :)

  3. Elizar says:

    Thanks sa greetings Ms. Alam and Ate Sasha… LOL..

    Kapitbahay, di ko pa nga nababasa yang book na yan eh.. naiintriga na nga ako…

    anyway, advance happy bday! Sige sige, celebrate din ako sa 30th ko.. :)

  4. malaya says:

    belated happy birthday!
    prone sa lindol ang July 16 ano, kahapon sa Japan naman.

  5. Lorreyn says:

    uyyyy.. happy birthday!! late na ba? :p

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