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Filipinos, Natural Born Romantics

We Filipinos are born romantics. Love and romance are what we are known for. We always kiss, hug and show affection to those that are so dear to us. We have very tight family bonds. We treasure every moment.

We have different kinds love. Love for our parents, siblings and to those special someone. We spent most of the day thinking about that special love.

Filipino are very expressive of what they feel. One way of showing someone how much they mean to use love letters. Although most of Filipinos (specially those who are in love) are excellent poets but for those who gets tongue tied or nervous because of their overwhelming feeling for the girl, there is always free love letters available for your use on the internet.

Let her know how you feel. Pour everything, every love, every feeling, every emotion that you feel on a love letter. I’m sure she’ll love you back.

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