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8 Waves Water Park Resort

We just got back from our short visit to one of Bulacan’s finest water park/resort.

We arrived there around 1 o’clock, took our lunch outside. (We have baon and you can’t bring food inside the resort. One of few bummer).

I love the Safari pool (if there’s a pool, there must be a pool cue chalk right? nope, different kind). That’s the one with the long slides. The slides aren’t that high but the fun part was the windings and the curves and the acceleration!

Last time Lois and I was here was during NEC’s Summer Outing of 2004. She was still with NEC then, I was with OHSI. And we are both single… Nagbobolahan pa kami noon. hehehe (I was looking for a photo to share, but misplaced it somewhere)

Now after 3 years we came back, married and with Matthew. This is like a birthday treat by my brother and me. Though we didn’t pay the entrance free for all of them. P250 adults and P200 for kids 4 feet below! Imagine that! Even Matthew, my 1 year 4 month old baby who’s just starting to walk, was fully paid. That’s bummer number 2 – 8 Waves Resort Entrance Fee.

I still find the artificial wave, from which the resort is famous for, cool! My two pamangkins enjoy it very much and I’m sure everyone did… my sister, bro-in-law, Nelson, Dennis, Izza (cousin), Lois and Me… (Matt was asleep during the wave encounter).

Matt was afraid of the water. I think it’s too cold for him. Pero may mga baby naman dun. Too bad, nag enjoy sana sya. Even sa wave ayaw nya. Water there was a little warmer.
In all, the stay there was fun. Limited time only they are open from 9am to 6pm for day swimmers. We got there 1pm or started around 2pm, so very little time to enjoy ourselves but we really did. Well at least i did, and Lois.

The good:

  1. I love the waves!
  2. Love the slide

The bad:

  1. Freakin’ expensive! P200 for one year old baby who didn’t even enjoyed the water?
  2. Could not bring the food inside the resort. Sayang yung mga baong inihaw, di naluto.

Here’s some more pictures…. These are labour of love. :-) Flickr Plugin’s not working yet. Will work on that too, soon.

lunch break ni matt head shot without the head

sarap!kissss 10 kilong hita poz poz

father son




This place is also perfect venue for Kids birthday party! So, if you’re looking for one, prepare those kids party invitations and head on over here.

7 Responses to “8 Waves Water Park Resort”

  1. tina says:

    wow.. must have been fun! kaso 200 for kids? ang mahaaall!!

  2. alma says:

    yep. way too expensive for kids… to think they might not even enjoy it, like your little Matty.

    how can an average Pinoy afford that? I have never been to that resort but it looks cool. sana lang medyo mas mababa entrance fee at pwede magdala ng food inside, para naman madaming Pinoy ang maka afford!

  3. joy says:

    happy birthday eli! :) saya saya naman swimming kahit tagulan hehe. expensive na talaga mga resort no? iniisip ko na lang pag ganyan baka mas malinis ang pool compared to others na Php40 lang ang entrance lol

  4. sasha says:

    Ang mahal nga, kapitbahay! Balak pa naman namin magpunta dyan.

    Uy, teka, bday mo ngaun? Happy birthday!!!

  5. pam says:

    GANDA!!!!! I wanna go there! Kuya, papalit ng link. salamat. :D

  6. leah sagrada says:

    Love your kwento eli, though sounds not good mga english mo. Sana tinagalog mo na lang lahat. Anyways, ok talaga jan sa 8 waves.

  7. Elizar says:

    hehehe, sensya na leah.. sinigit singitan ko kasi ng paid links eh.. :D, or talaga lang nagkakagulo grammar ko.. :)

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