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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Loans

The ‘Your Money, Make It Grow’ book (pera mo, palaguin mo) like I said several times now talks about how you can retire by the age of 65 (or whatever age you set). It shows you how to save for the future and how to use the best financial intrument to maximize it’s growth, such as time, compound interest and leverage.

Leverage is taking personal loans or for business but the important idea here is to use the borrowed money to work for you and not just to spend in spun of the moment urges.

I’ve never been in favor in borrowing money. I was raised to believe that having a loan is a burden that I may not be able to free myself from. Kalaban ng pag asenyo is what they told me.

Reading business and financial books however tells differently. If use properly, loan can really be use to help us reach our financial independence. All you have to do is be knowledgeable on how to use such tool.

Read, study and learn.

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