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Blessings Keep Pouring In…

love dadIf something goes bad, if something goes wrong… Count your blessings, always..

Our company just got absorbed by a very very big, I mean global big, management consulting, technology and outsourcing company.

Anyway, that is more of a good news. Better benefits and compensation and all. I’ve been thinking of investing in funds and stock and planning to talk to a financial institution about it (even bought a book about it). No need for that the new company is public and is offering its employee its shares with 15% discount. Plus it has a retirement fund and other. Good stuff happens to good people… :-)

And my wife is pregnant…

She’s been feeling very preggy this past few days (and she’s late for the past week or two). I even welcome the thought of having a new baby. Welcome Razielle, remeber? :-) She bought a pregnancy test kit yesterday and it’s confirmed – Kuya na si Matthew.

Yeah, I know Matthew’s too young to have a baby sister (brother) but I’m sure that would be fine. It’s like me and my Ate (and looks what cat and dog we’ve turn out be… :-)

Here’s a funny thing. When Lois was pregnant with Matthew, her first checkup was on my birthday… Now, 2 years later, a few days more, birthday ko ulit… hmm.. mkapagpa checkup.
Matthew really is a blessing. I remembered when Lois told me that she’s pregnant with Matthew, I got hired at Amkor Technologies. A few months after he’s born, I got hired here, at my current company. Now, (or yesterday) we found out that she’s pregnant with a new baby, we got absorbed by Accen… ooppss..

Anyway, God loves me. God loves my family and I’m very positive He loves you too.

Original Post: July 14, 2007

7 Responses to “Blessings Keep Pouring In…”

  1. rach says:

    “Count your blessings, always..” – yey this is nice. ^_^ thanks for dropping by my site..sure.. link ex?

  2. malaya says:

    when it rains, it pours!
    congratulations to you and ur wife.
    a baby is always a blessing.
    you’re learning a lot from Mr. Colayco – investing in stocks. Go for it!

  3. thet says:

    wow!!! congratulations ‘tsong!!! :)

  4. ami says:

    wow congratulations! love the idea of babies. :) i’m positive i’m loved by God too. He likes me ;)

  5. Elizar says:

    thanks thanks you guys (gals..:)

  6. sasha says:

    Aha! Accenture na kayo?? Wow! Okay dyan, kapitbahay :)

    And congrats sa inyo ni Lois! Kuya na nga si Mathew! Saya naman :) Mabuti na lang pala kahit naka-hiatus ako naisip kong maglibot hehe… God bless sa buong family!

  7. Elizar says:

    accenture ba..sshhh.. secret pa yun.. :)

    kuya na nga kapitbahay si matt..bilis nga eh..:)

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