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I Want My Site Back!

Yes I do!

This whole Monetize Your Blog thing has taken away my personal blog. The journal that supposed to keep track of my life and slash or Lois (that’s and/or :-) and now with Matthew is almost gone. Most of my post, if you’ve been visiting here for some time (hope you do) are all commercial.

Then, a light bulb lights up… (you know, the light above the head when there’s a bright idea…) in my All About Pool Table post (a paid post below) made me think of getting another domain with those words.. All About… I checked all-about.com, allabout.com and others, taken, taken taken… But that’s ok.. The idea is there.. the light bulb is there.. and that’s the beginning…

When that (future) blog is up, I can post every slash any (you get it) story about us HERE!. And the ‘In My Life’ part of the domain will really mean just that… In My Life :-)

I Want My Site Back! And it’s real soon!

2 Responses to “I Want My Site Back!”

  1. joy says:

    hey eli!

    i feel the same way. that’s why wala na masyadong paid post sa main blog ko coz minsan di na nagvivisit yung mga dati kong ka-blogroll. now nasa blogspot ko na karmaihan ng ads. siempre, pag maraming paid opps available, baka mapuno ulit, ibang usapan na hehe. mahirap kumita ng salapi lol.

    pero that’s a good start. just create a new blog then build up the traffic so you can use that for paid opps.

  2. pam says:

    ngee. hala. sana magawa mo nga yang gusto mo kuya. hehe. :D take care po. :P

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