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Here Comes Razielle!

Who? Raziele! Who’s Raziele, you might ask. Well, she’s my next baby, Matthew’s little sister. :-)

She’s not here yet but she’ll be here… sooner than we thought. :-)

The names Razielle and Stephen Matthew are the two names I came up with during Lois’ first few months of pregnancy (with Matt). Actually Stephen Matthew has been coined by yours truly way back in college. Those were the days of F R I E N D S and reading Stephen King novels. Razielle we thought of when we tried to scramble my name. Elizar, Razile, Raziel, Razielle?

Get it? Good!

Like I said, she’s not here yet but we do expect here to be with us soon. I was thinking of having a baby shower party for her. (Matt never had one, but he’ll understand. :-) Picture above are some baby shower decorations, rubber ducky themed or course with Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Supplies.

Party Pail, we could say, an online party supplier. They not only cater for baby showers but for Wedding shower as well. They even do first birthday party. For my concern, which is for baby shower supplies, they have lots of themes to choose from. If Rubber Ducky Baby themed shower party’s not your thing, they also have Boy Clothes, Lil Princess, Red Wagon, Pink n Blue and other themes.

Remember though that although this is a paid post by PartyPail, Lois could be preggy! Right, ok. There!

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