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All About Pool Tables

I have a post way back January 1 of 2007, where I was supposed to enumerate the step on how to assemble a pool table, but checking the post out, apparently I got lazy and didn’t finish the post. Shame on me.

My brother-in-law bought one last year as a way of enjoying simple pleasure of the game. And I thought it’s also a way to spend more valuable time with his boy – Clark Kent and his cool and colorful flip flops. He hope that his son will also enjoy the game as much as he do. (Just like I hope my boy – Matthew – will enjoy playing the guitar or drums as much as I do. :-)

Anyway, we have either France or England or Persia (now Iran) to thank for, for possibly inventing the game. Now, who amongst these countries are the ‘real’ inventor, is still subject for debate but the first record of a pool tables dates back to 1470, when King Louis XO of France possessed one. So it could have been France.

Enough with the history. Better ask Bata Reyes for all the information you may want about pool or Billiards. :-)

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