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Maui :: Island Paradise

Want to go to Maui? That perfect island paradise in Hawaii? Hit the waves, get a tan, eat the food! I sure would love too!
Did you know that besides the stuff I mentioned above, Maui also is the whale-watching center of the Hawaiian Island? Yes it is! Many many Humpback whales go there for the winter in the sheltered Ê»AuÊ»au Channel between the islands of Maui county. Pretty exciting isn’t it?
Maui really is a perfect summer get away. If you do intend to visit it there are lots of sites that will help you get some Maui vacation rentals packages.

Although Maui has a reputation of having the best waves and is a surfer’s paradise, the island also has wide variety of landscapes.


This one shows Haleakala Crater. Haleakala is a volcano with massive depression some 11.25 km (7 mi) across, 3.2 km (2 mi) wide, and nearly 800 m (2,600 ft) deep.

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  1. Elizar says:

    I would like to go there.. if only times permit..

    and if only I have money.. :D

  2. Jack says:

    yeah, me too!

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