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I’ve just created a photo slide show online!Complete with sounds and transition effects! Cool stuff!

It’s very easy to use! (Yes I know, I’m advertising but I’m really excited about it! Again, Cool Stuff! :-)

Here’s how I did it. I have some pictures of Matthew on my computer and uploaded them all on their site. Picked a song (My Chemical Romance’s Black Parade) then I’m done. (We’ll after saving and a one-minute registration). An extra feature is that you can even put cute borders around the video.

The finished video (or slide show) has a direct URL and can also be embedded on you site or blog… Just like in YuTube!

Here’s the finished product! I tell you, cool stuff!

Silly me, forgot to tell you the site.. it’s Fliptrack.com

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  1. tina says:

    parang maganda ito ah… :P hehe

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