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Work Of Art From Any Photograph

The only thing that is missing on our newly refurnished apartment is for home decorating, well wall decoration to be exact (well, we don’t electricity too but it is on its way).

Every time my wife and go to the mall, we always drop by the art gallery, or the stall that sell paintings. We never bought one. We never found the perfect picture/painting that we like, that will show our (or her) personality.

Today, I just found out that there are website companies that make custom painting (or need I say it, photo art).

The site is Photofiddle.com. I’m not saying that you go try out their service, this is after all a sponsored post by Photofiddle. But, personally I find their service perfect on what we’re looking for.

You get to create your own from your own picture!

Their service is so much easy to use, even my 1 year old boy can do it… Well, I may have to wait another 2 years…

Anyway, it’s so easy, all you have to do is:

  1. Select the style or design
  2. Upload your photo
  3. Crop and preview!

And if that’s not clear enough for you, they have a tutorial. Very easy!

This is one cool service I tell you! ;)

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