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S Corporation, C Corporation, LLC – Pick One, Start One

Inc. Paradise is an online filing service if you want to start your corporate business.

They have a page that explains the different business structure. That is, the difference between an S Corporation, a C Corporation and an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).

I’ve been with my current employer for almost a year now. Their business name has an LLC in it. I always wonder what those three big letters are but never had a chance to google it.

Well now I know, thanks to the website:

When To Use a Limited Liability Company – LLC

a. When you have any partnership.
b. When you own real estate for investment purposes.
c. When you have several entities that own the business.
d. When you are looking for complete protection of the owners’ personal liability.

Like I said, the website offers online filing service to start corporation or an incorporation in all 50 states. That means they have coverage from Alabama Inc to Wyoming inc. They only charge $89 + state fees for doing all necessary paperwork.

There is also an affiliate program offered for those who want to work with Inc. Paradise. This way they too can earn by making commission on incorporation services.

So wherever you are, there is always and Inc. Paradise near you!

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