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Hello everyone! How’s the internet life so far? Who amongst you guys/gals are chat virgins? Those who never ever in his life ever been into a chat conversation or an online chat room? Those who never used YM, MSN IM, AOL, Jabber, GTalk and others. If you are one of those people and you’re reading this blog… Come on! What are you?! Me?! :-)

Well, though I never been that addicted to chat, and chat has been like… forever (since the [M]iRC days) I’ve been using it for only a few years now (because it required at work).

Sharing time… My main chat ID is eli underscore palad at yahoo dot com… I also have an MSN (Windows Messenger), several GTalk and an AOL account. And then there’s WireClub.

At WireClub you can join free online chat rooms and chat with friends, meet new people and more. Choose from hundreds of rooms, create your own or message people directly and chat with instant messages. WireClub is an exciting network of small communities that together create one of the most interesting places to hang out and chat on the ‘net.

Of course you always have a choice which chat room you want. But WireClub is one of the best there is, Google says so. They are on the top 10 for ‘free online chat rooms‘ keywords. Going into the site, gives you the registration form and some messages from other users as well. These users are already a members who left a message for the new comers to see.
What ever reason you have for chatting online, whether for meeting new people, expressing yourself, or joining groups or creating one, connecting with old and new friends, or looking for dates, WireClub offers them all.

Go ahead, go there, create an account and let us do a test drive. Choose a username, enter your desired password, then your email address. After filling out other info, a confirmation email will be sent to the email you provided. Then you are good to go! That easy! :-)

Once you are logged in, there are different section you can go to. My Home, My Friends, MyBlog, Forums, Messages, Clubs, Search, Countries and Chat. It is more of like an online community too because you get to see and mingle with other user/people/members.
You can customize you account at the ‘My Profile’ section. There are forums where you can check out what other members are talking about… surely it’s not you but you will never know. :-)

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