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Looking for Affordable Life Insurance

Pardon me if I keep on bragging the stuff I am learning from Colayco’s Pera Mo Palaguin Mo book. There are just lots of information there can help you. Very basic, very common but real helpful.

The very main topic there of course is to save up so you can retire living the lifestyle you want.

One of the lesson discussed there was to pay yourself first. Which I know everyone knows. For those who don’t, it’s just says that before you do anything with you money, take a small percentage of it, say 10% or 20%, put it somewhere, save it, and use the rest of the payroll money for the stuff you normally spent it with – grocery, bills, food etc.

Another advise mentioned in the book is to secure your primary source of income. No, not your salary or your job but you health. You can’t do your work if you’re sick right? So, get yourself an affordable medical insurance that suits you. In that way, you’ll be covered with your medical and hospital bills.

But we must also consider getting ourselves a life and home insurance. Of course we don’t want to use that in a not so near future but get one is still advisable for our love ones that we are going to leave behind just in case.

Now getting an Affordable Life Insurance Quotes can be a little chore. There are lots of companies our there that offers life insurance and claims that they have the best deals.

Shop around. Look for something that is for you, that suits your budget.

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