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Bro’s New Car

I think I never mentioned it before, my brother Nelson bought a second hand car – a Mitsubishi Lancer (forgot the model, I think it’s an MX 2002 model).

He bought it from my Auntie. Apparently Tita Mariz is buying a new one and she needed to get rid of her (still shinny, new looking) car.
Though I think it’s a good bargain, I still think he should have checked a Used Cars website. Personally I would choose a pickup truck with tonneau cover. Cool stuff.

The web site not only offers second hand used cars but they also have car reviews, car news, cars for rent and you can even post for sale your own car if you are planning to sell it.

Browsing a little to that website makes me wonder if maybe I should get one myself. All the cars for sale are all in tip top shape (based on the pictures that is).

Anyway, what’s done is done and there are no regrets.

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