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777 Lucky Number, Lucky Day :: Extra Money

A month worth of blog money. Well actually it’s more of a month and a half.

Started posting sponsored kwento May 16 (according to the logs). Today is July 7, so that’s roughly 50 days. How am I so far? Great!

Not bad eh? I know it’s not much but hey, extra money is extra money. Considering that I only have little idea of what I’m doing.. :) and being suspended in PayPerPost for almost 2 weeks (12 days, hey that means 38 days worth of blog money! :-)

What makes it exciting still is that, there’s still more coming in the coming days…. :-)

Yeah, that’s Matthew… :-)

I have the following to thank for:

  • Smorty
  • PayToBlog
  • PayPerPost
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • Bloggerwave
  • Blogvertise
  • BlogToProfit – oh yeah, the Php is still not included – don’t forget jacaranda9dbux@gmail.com for Referer’s Email! (wink)
  • Joy Reyes.. payu2blog, sponsoredreviews and others hahaha!
  • Marhgil Macuha.. for the B2P technique, I used it in others as well. See future post about that one. (wink wink)

Sali na!

5 Responses to “777 Lucky Number, Lucky Day :: Extra Money”

  1. pam says:

    sosyal! ^_^

  2. SexyMom says:

    7 is also my family’s lucky/favorite number–why? because of our 7 wonderful blessings in the form of 4 sons and 3 daughters.

  3. joy says:

    ayus eli panalo! sana nga wag muna mawala tong mga paid posting noh?

  4. sasha says:

    uy, balik PPP na sya! Hahahah… Ako naman kagabi nakabawi kaya natutuwa sobra! 2nd top earner of the day ako hehehe… Naka-$56 din kaya panalo! :) Sana approved yung 2 kasi yung 4 auto approved na :)

    Gaano na nga rin ba ako katagal nagpo-pro? Hmm.. Lemme check nga. Nauna kasi ang BTOP sa akin eh. Hmm…

    Ayan, na-check ko na. I started March 30, 2007. So 100 days na ako on July 7, 2007! Haven’t checked how much I’ve made so far pero malaki-laki na rin hehe

    Happy Monday, kapitbahay! Pati na rin sa iyong Lois at Mat-mat :)

  5. ali says:

    i have Brunei $1 ringgit swith serial Number 777777 and also 888888 which is i wanted to sell if this any buyer and also i have brunei ringgit 10.00 Note serial 168168. who intersted to buy with realy good price please email me.


    ali hj osman

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