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Smart Philippines Sucks!

Smart Philippines Logo I love Smart actually. I have been using their service (Smart Gold) for over 6 years now. Most of the time I am happy with their service, well not actually happy but without complains.

But there are days like these.

For the past 3 days now, I have no coverage. No signal. I have not been using my cellphone, my super antique XDA2 phone for the past 3 days.

Tried calling customer support on the 2nd day. F***n Glendy’s not friendly (hey,it rhymes :-) … Parang nakipag away yata sa boyfriend. Too bad for her, I’m having a bad day too.

Been talking to her for 10 minutes or more. Complaints pouring in. She asked me to call another number. That number apparently only caters for pre-paids. Called *888 again, not expecting to talk to Glendy since they could be hundreds of them there. But to my surprise si Glendy ulit! hahaha, lagot! Told her, that access number she gave me is for pre-paid. Asked her is she’s trying to get rid of me? She said no, and she said she’s sorry.. blah blah…
She has no more else to say. She asked me to go the Smart Wireless Center, which is what I was actually thinking at the time, since she’s worthless, she’s no help.

So Lois, Matt and I, once again is on our road trip. On our way to Smart. Maka nood na rin ng Die Hard 4.0 baby!!!

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  1. paulette says:

    i alos had bad experience with the company too. But I’m helpless, there’s no other company to turn too. I hope there would be other telecom company to compete with them for them to relaize their weakness.

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