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Die Hard 4.0 Baby! at SM Cinema

I almost got disappointed watching this movie. I thought I will not be able to hear the ‘yeepee-kay-yay mother….’ line, and that it’s all marketing stuff but in the end I got my money’s worth. :-)

Die Hard 4.0 is a blast!

I entered the cinema around 1:30pm. The movie will start, apparently at 1:45pm. I kind of lost track of time once I was inside. After the big 20th Century 3D opening and some opening credits, all you have to do is wait 5 minutes and then action starts till the end! Yeepee-kay-yay!!

I tell you, it’s all action from start to finish!

Unlike Matt’s 4rth Movie: The Transformers, there are no fancy computer graphic in this movie but you should see all those stunts and actions and the adrenalin rush!

Bruce Willis (John McClane) and Justin Long (Matthew Farrel – woah Matt!) makes a wonderful couple! :-) .. Matthew Farrel is a hacker who unknowingly helped the terrorist with the code to enter one of the US high secured secret facility, where they back up all the financial data of the country.

McClane is supposedly bring Farrel to the FBI (suspected of the hacking activity) when things got very exciting. Where cars go flying and hitting choppers exciting. :-)
If you’ve ever seen the first 3 Die Hard movies, you will not be disappointed with this one. The story line is timely. Terrorist here are high tech hackers that infiltrated all US network – the transportation, communications, medical, heck even the White House!

So, should you see this movie? Hell you bet’cha! (Unless you’re not into action movies that is.)

Oh by the way, the other that dissappoints me is that, the FBI (or whatever governement agency that is) takes too long to find the terrorist! Man they should hire Chloe Sullivan and Jack Bauer! hahahaha!

And the ending?… the ending?! VERY PINOY!!! You got to see it to know what I mean! ;-)

I wonder where I could get an original movie posters of the Die Hard movies?

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