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Share (big) Files Online

Here’s another freebie for all the internet people. Here’s another way of sharing those big files online! Driveway (https://www.driveway.com) is a new free web based service for online file sharing.

The free service is very easy to use. You just browser you file (as big as 500MB!), fill up the text boxes marked “Recipient’s Email (optional)”, “You Email (Optional)” and “File Description (Optional)”, click on “Send File” and you’re done!

It will give you (or the sender) a link where he can download the file. It’s very convenient specially for blogs or sites that shares large number of files. My blog for example can now host my self made MP3 player, upload it in Driveway and I’m good to go! It didn’t even consumed any space on my webhost account. ;)

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