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Flickr Plugin Problem for WordPress (1 of 2) – Solved!

I tried installing Joe Tan’s Flickr Plugin for WordPress a few days back, and I actually did install it but there were some problems I encountered. As of now, 2.

In Everything-Eli, I can post the thumbnail in the page, but the hyperlink to the pics itself doesn’t work. 404 Error, no such file. Darn it!

That’s still a problem. Haven’t solved it yet… Good news is I know what’s causing it. Bad news, I don’t know how to solve it. Already posted a comment on the support page, haven’t checked if someone answered.. Not in a hurry though… Ok lang…
The other one I installed in PinoyBanda.com. Could make the thumbnail post at first. The button to show/post the thumb picture isn’t there! That’s the problem that was solved. Found the solution in the support forum.

Now, if I could make it work here…. sana, sana, sana….

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